How to fix the GLASS LIFE of Golf4 IV (English version)

Tutorial to
of GOLF 4 IV

portière golf4

Your window fell into the door?
Normal … it’s a GOLF 4 disease!
Generally, it is due to the brackets of the glass which break.
They are made of plastic, and we find more solid ones
in aluminum on Ebay for a few euros!

Go down the window
Unclip the top of the handle with a flat screwdriver, starting at the top
Unscrew the 5 screws holding the handle. I have not made any photos because it’s very simple.
Unscrew the screws on the left and under the trim.
Then, pull on the lining starting from the bottom, it goes off
Unpack the top by pushing up

demontage panneau de porte golf4

Unclip the door opening pull tab
Lift the clip towards you and then backwards, like in the picture
Disconnect the connectors that connect the trim panel

demontage leve vitre golf4 r

Disconnect the cables and remove the seals indicated by the arrows

demontage leve vitre golf4

Fit the glass so that the fasteners are in the round holes.
If you can not go back up your window, no problem: just keep going on. You will disassemble it later, as you can!
Loosen the glass fixings through the 2 round holes.
Remove the glass by sliding it upwards.
You can also tape it securely so you can ride while waiting for the parts!

reparer leve vitre golf4

Disconnect the motor: to do so, a movable part of the connector slides down.

demontage leve vitre golf4

Unscrew all bolts around the panel except for the middle two upwards, loosen them only to hold the panel.

demontage panneau leve vitre golf4

Unclip the cable ties.
To do so, pass your hand BEHIND the panel and press on the sides of the nipple.
You can also do it with a flat clip!

demontage panneau leve vitre golf4

Finally, remove the last 2 bolts and remove the panel.

panneau leve vitre golf4

Here is a broken paw!
No need to try the stick it will not hold.

Patte cassee vitre golf4

You can find the same on Ebay in aluminum for a few euros.
At this price, order it also for the other door!

Patte neuve lève vitre golf4

You can find the same on Ebay in aluminum for a few euros.
At this price, order it also for the other door!

systeme leve vitre golf4

You can find the same on Ebay in aluminum for a few euros.
At this price, order it also for the other door!

reparation leve vitre golf4

Replace the coil in its housing.

reparation leve vitre golf4 g

Unpack the blue guides as shown in the picture and take out the cable.
White pulleys are 2 floors! (To tension / relax the cable)
By turning them, you can pass the cable on the top and thus remove the cable.
Detach the old legs by sliding them at the end of the slide and lifting them up.

reparation leve vitre golf4 d

Replace the cables on the new legs as in the picture.

reparation leve vitre golf4 b

The 2 tubes surrounded by the springs (on the reel) must be re-nested to be able to tighten the cables and put back the legs!
It is easier to be 2: while one compresses the springs, the other puts back the legs and cables.

reparation leve vitre golf4 h

Replace the new paw!
Place the tab vertically and fold it flat.
Put back the blue guides.

patte leve vitre golf4 c

Place the cable on the top of one of the 2-stage pulleys, like on the photo.

reparation leve vitre golf4 e

Turn the pulley with a flat screwdriver to blow the cables on the lower part just like in the picture.
A « tooth » is provided for this purpose.
The cable is thus stretched.

reparation leve vitre golf4 f

Grease the cable and pulley assembly.

reparation leve vitre golf4 j

Reclip the reel onto the panel.
Experiment by sliding the legs up and down. (yes, that’s tough)
Finish by placing the tabs in front of the holes to be able to put back the window later.

détail panneau leve vitre golf4 s

Grease the motor.

moteur leve vitre golf4 k

Screw it.

moteur leve vitre


1- Replace the panel on the door, pass the locking latch and the opening pull. Screw only 2 bolts at the top.

2- Pass the locking cable (centralization) through the panel and connect it to the lock motor. Replace the seals.

3- Finish screwing all the bolts.

4- Refit the glass on the 2 legs through the 2 round holes.

5- Switch on the ignition without connecting the engine of the window regulator.

Turn off the ignition. This clears the high-end position of the glass.

6- Reconnect the engine, switch on the ignition and test. If the motor forces, loosen the tabs and replace the glass by pushing it as far back as possible.

7- Finish reconnecting all the cables. Reclip the cables in their place. Close the 2 large round caps. Check that all the electrical components are working (retro + heating, locking, etc.)


Present the filling. Connect the window lift cable and the door bottom light.

Reclip the inner opening zipper.

Pass the latch into the hole.

Check that the round clips of the trim are in place and place the trim on the door.

Tap to fix the clips.

Screw in the 3 screws below and to the left of the trim.

9- Screw in the 5 screws of the handle and the half shell.